Are we Pro-life or Anti-abortion?

K-LOVE Christian radio used to be my jam… You’d be hard pressed to find me listening to any other station. I couldn’t get enough “positive and encouraging” K-LOVE.

One day I was asked whether I thought the station’s exclusive positivity might be less than ideal. Gasp! My precious K-LOVE?! Make-me-feel-good-all-the-time K-LOVE… bad?! Uh-uh, no way.

But when I gave some thought to their all “yang”, no “yin” philosophy, I wondered what really happens when we only look on the bright side…

Last month, we had yet another somber anniversary of the (very “yin”) Roe vs. Wade decision which legalized abortion. Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers gathered once again in Washington, D.C. (and across the U.S.) to beg for the respect of unborn life. It’s a desperate battle we continue to fight, in hopes that maybe the next year, there won’t be a need for another march.

In this right-to-life movement, the question is often raised whether we ought to be limiting our language to the positive  (e.g. “pro-life”) or whether we should be speaking up more boldly against the terrible, dark and evil reality that abortion is murder.

Of course, doing away entirely with “the positive” would paint us extremist, woman-hating bigots (if we aren’t already seen that way), which does no good for the cause. But then again, sticking to an exclusively “pro-life” message lends the opportunity to any pro-choicer to fancy him or herself pro-life simply because they care for the life of the mother. And what does “pro-life” mean then?

It’s confusion, which leads to chaos.

When soldiers are in battle, it’s critical that they distinguish themselves from the enemy. They wear a uniform to demonstrate their unity and separate themselves from the opposition. It seems, in our fight to end abortion, the enemy has stolen some of our clothes.


Therefore, we cannot simply be “pro-life.” We shouldn’t extinguish our passionate love for life, but we must be loud and clear that we are anti-abortion! As Satan leads the abortion industry in tactical deceit and confusion, they are stripping themselves of the “pro-choice” garb because it’s become an ugly word, a word they wish to hide from. So against them, as soldiers in the army of Christ, we must ever more passionately wave our colors and proclaim the unabashed truth. We are anti-choice. We are anti-abortion. We are anti-murder.

So when I think again about “positive, encouraging” K-LOVE, and about my pro-life stance, I’m reminded of how critical it is that we be just as zealous in opposing our enemies as we are passionate for our own cause.

Then… we can move a step closer to winning the fight against abortion.


One thought on “Are we Pro-life or Anti-abortion?

  1. A very good essay here. I’ve often wondered about the ‘pro-life’ moniker, as (in some cases) the people who would carry it – such as myself – have no philosophical contention with capital punishment per se (the nuance being the difference between innocent life taken and life that has been forfeited in society via horrendous action). Strictly speaking, this is an inconsistent position to hold alongside the banner logo. ‘Pro-life’ works generally enough and paints the cause positively (as you’ve noted), but it is general and simplistic; as soon as we crash into nuanced positions, we really can’t say we’re ‘pro-life’ or else have to streamline necessary nuance.

    And, really, as you note: is ‘anti-abortion’ such a bad position? It’s risky, but it is specific – and accurate. We can be ‘anti-abortion’ and ‘anti-euthanasia’ in the same way that we’re ‘anti-murder’ and ‘anti-rape’.

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